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Tangy Delicious Homemade Curd

Tangy Delicious Homemade Curd

Mina's favourite food was curd rice and pickles. This dish was easy to whip up in seconds. She loved her mom's homemade Avvakai pickles and Gongura Chutney. She recently bought a clay pot to set and make homemade curd. She loved making her own curd at home and didn't prefer the store-bought ones.

When compared to curd prepared in regular vessels this curd lasts longer in room temperatures. The clay pot remains cool by acting as a water absorber thus making the curd thicker and creamier. The curds made in clay pots develop more probiotics than usual due to the natural environment offered by the clay pot. In Indian household, curd is used in many dishes like biryani, pulao, starters, kebab, sauce, healthy drinks, etc. Curd can also be used to tenderize meat, chicken, and seafood in place of raw papaya. This yogurt is also rich in calcium, vitamin B and probiotics. This helps in proper functioning of the body and great for digestion.

She took a jar of milk and a tablespoon of live yogurt starter. Then she carefully mixed the starter in the lukewarm milk that she preheated beforehand. After mixing the starter and lukewarm milk, she kept the pot undisturbed in a warm place for few hours to allow the culture to do its work.

The next day white, thick creamy curd was gleaming in the pot. Mina was delighted to watch the process unfold into this moon like glow. She added generously to her rice and seasoned it with green chilies and Avvakai pickles.

Now you can also enjoy delicious homemade curd with ease. Order our curd setting clay pots on our website to make your own homemade curd.

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