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The Alluring Kora Silk of Kovai

The Alluring Kora Silk of Kovai

Kriti's family was packed to travel to a relative's wedding. She intended to wear a saree to the wedding and a long lehenga to the reception. She always packed additional clothing in advance to ensure that she could attend to any last-minute emergency. As a last-minute necessity, she brought her mother's Kora Silk saree.

The Kovai Kora Silk saree is woven in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, India. Her closet was loaded with Kora Sarees because her mother resided in Coimbatore. The saree is crafted from a silk and cotton weave. The Kora Saree is made by combining high-quality cotton yarn with traditional silk. The border motifs on the sarees are brightly colored, with the occasional usage of gleaming zari. The appropriate designs are woven on the loom using colored cotton and silk thread combinations, and the borders are added subsequently.

Kora cotton sarees are handwoven using traditional looms. Weaving a saree might take up to three days. Traditional weaving families in the districts of Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Erode in Tamil Nadu's Kongu Nadu area weave the saree. The biggest manufacturer of kora cotton sarees is Sirumugai in the Coimbatore district.

Designer blouses make soft silk sarees appear more magnificent and vivid. Weavers have switched to weaving silk sarees due to lower demand and greater compensation for weaving soft silk sarees. Many of us like gorgeous textiles for their delicate touch on the skin and the sophisticated, regal air they impart to our personalities. Fabrics like silk were formerly available and inexpensive to the wealthy few, but not in the twenty-first century.

Women are wearing a variety of textiles with charm and flair these days. Kora, also known as 'Organza' Silk by some, is one such fabric. Kovai Kora sarees are made with Kora Silk. Coimbatore, a region in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is well-known for its sarees.

Kriti wore her Kora silk cotton saree to the reception. Her mother was proud to see her daughter exude grace and beauty. You can also buy these elegant fabrics at the convenience of your home. Check out our website to order now.

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