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The Art of Grinding: Stone Grinders.

The Art of Grinding: Stone Grinders.

Arti’s grandmother sat at the aatukal and carefully poured in soaked rice, little by little. She then took thekozhavi and began to grind it by moving the hands around over the pit. As the batter rose out of the pit, it was gently pushed back in to be ground again and again into a smooth batter. The process was done with the entire batch of rice. Once the soaked rice was made into a smooth batter, the process was replicated with soaked urid dal. After the urid dal was made into a smooth fluffy paste, the two were combined to make idli batter. This would take long but sitting and watching her grandmother painstakingly but lovingly do this assured her little heart.

Stone grinders went out of vogue when the mixer-grinder entered the market. Both the ammikal and the attukal have ever since been shelved except when looked at as a familiar but distant nostalgic memory. In recent days, these ancient stone grinders have been making a comeback in the market as it has various health benefits, applications and uses.

The food's flavour is defined by Aattukal. It gives a special touch of delicacy that our modern-day grinding equipment cannot match.Grinding spices, vegetables, coconuts, grains, or lentils in a Aattukal is worth the effort since it provides the ground food products a lovely texture and transforms cooking into a great experience.

Stone grinders are crafted by artisans who know and love their craft. Shop on our website to own your very own stone grinder and make amazing traditional recipes at ease.

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