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The Bowl of Positivity: Vasthu Uruli

The Bowl of Positivity: Vasthu Uruli

Maya loved flowers. Her dad would buy flowers every day to decorate their pooja room. Her favourite decoration was the brass Uruli . She loved adding flowers to it. The water in the Uruli preserved the flowers till evening. She decorated her Uruli every day with colourful flowers depending on the day of the week.

The Uruli is a basic water-filled spherical bowl-shaped construction aesthetically and carefully decorated with various engravings and designs, such as deity idols that can be sculpted on them. These come in a variety of materials, sizes, patterns, and amounts. Uruli is derived from the Tamil words Urulai, which denotes a circular bowl used for cooking and making Ayurvedic remedies in ancient times, mostly in the south Indian area of Kerala and Tamilnadu. As a result of cultural changes and growth, these Urulis are now employed as ornamental elements to enhance the historic touch and beauty of the location.

The Uruli is a wonderful Vastu element as well as a home design item for both your house and business. In general, the element water indicates riches, and hence the flow of water represents wealth flow. As a result, keeping an Uruli filled with water and surrounded by flowers, lemons, or other attractive objects in a spot is considered lucky. In general, being close to any type of natural display reduces our tension and creates a pleasant environment.

Placing the Uruli in a specific direction is considered lucky since it delivers heavenly energies and advantages depending on where it is placed. In general, the Urulis should be positioned on the right side of the home, in the centre or southeast corner of the living room, or the northeast corner of the corresponding location. Urulis with green and blue flowers should be placed in the north or northeast corner, while Uruli s with yellow flowers should be placed in the southwest corner.

Maya used pink flowers on Monday, red flowers on Tuesday, green flowers on Wednesday, yellow flowers on Thursday, white flowers on Friday, blue flowers on Saturday, and orange flowers on Sunday to adorn her Pooja room Uruli . You may also get your own Vastu Uruli to provide positive energy to your home. Check out our website to know more.

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