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The Golden Threads of Kancheevaram Silk

The Golden Threads of Kancheevaram Silk

Sri would spend hours looking through her mother's gorgeous silk sarees collection when she was a little girl. They were Kanjeevaram silk sarees, which were her favourites. She adored traditional wear and loved collecting old silk sarees. Kanjeevaram silk sarees were expensive and a pride to own.

The origins of the Kanjeevaram silk saree traced back to Hindu mythology. According to legend, the Kanchi silk weavers descended from Sage Markanda, regarded as the Gods' finest weaver. The art of weaving took off some 400 years ago, under Krishna Devaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Devangas and Saligars, two prominent weaving groups in Andhra Pradesh, moved to Kanchipuram. They wove silk sarees with pictures of texts and figures found on temples across the area, demonstrating their outstanding weaving abilities.

The scriptures and sculptures inspire various motifs and patterns in several temples in this small area. Pallu and the body of the saree are different in colour and style, so that you may anticipate a range of contrasting hues as a result as well.

Pure mulberry silk is used to weave Kanjeevaram silk sarees. Gujarat is the home of genuine gold and silver zari, which is used to make silk in South India. Prior to usage, the silk thread used to weave the saree is soaked in rice water and sun-dried to improve its thickness and stiffness. As part of the process, the silk threads are entangled with little pieces of silver wire before being weaved through with a golden thread.

Sri donned the beautiful attire to weddings and temples with her friends. She got smothered by a deluge of lovely compliments. Kanjeevaram Sarees are a must-have for every Indian woman who appreciates the fineness of the fabric and craftsmanship. Now we understand why Kanjeevaram Sarees are so popular in the South of India and among Indians throughout the world. This gorgeous garment has a distinctiveness that is truly remarkable.

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