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The mirror that reflects your true self: Aranmula Kannadi

The mirror that reflects your true self: Aranmula Kannadi

Sita and her grandmother were gearing up to deep clean their home. She enjoyed deep cleaning since it allowed them to unearth long-lost treasures from their home's nooks and crannies. They began to dust the attic. Sita came upon a delicate mirror with ancient engraves. Her grandmother explained that it was the Aranmula Kannadi from Kerala, and that she should handle it with care because it was a valuable antique from her hometown.

 The mirror piqued Sita's interest. It was one of the Ashtamangalyam's eight auspicious objects, according to her grandmother. The Aranmula Mirror, also known as the Aranmula Kannadi, is a handcrafted mirror constructed of metal alloy that can only be found in the village of Aranmula in Kerala's Pathanamthitta district.

 In an Aranmula mirror, the reflection occurs directly on the surface without any refraction and is reflected with entire clarity, whereas in a glass mirror, the reflection occurs on the mercury coating inside the glass. It is stated that this mirror reflects one's true self. The ratio of metals used in the alloy is the key to producing Aranmula Mirror. This mirror is a great souvenir to bring back from Kerala or to give as a gift.

 Sita desired to clean the mirror and place it on display. Her grandma meticulously polished the mirror and handed it to Sita. They placed it in their living room shelf for everyone to see. You can also own your own Aranmula Kannadi from Kerala. Visit our website to know more.

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