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This Makar Sankranti, Impress the Sun God with delicious homemade recipes

This Makar Sankranti, Impress the Sun God with delicious homemade recipes

Meena was a big fan of the Pongal celebrations. She used to go to her grandparents' house for the festival when she was young child. Her grandma's Makar Sankranti meals were a favourite of hers as a child.

 Makar Sankranti is a Hindu festival that occurs every year on the same day, 14th January (occasionally 15th January). The reason for this is that the event is based on the solar calendar, as opposed to the lunar calendar, which is used for most Hindu holidays.

 The Makar Sankranti celebration honours the Sun God (Surya Devta). It's also a period for religious observances. This celebration also marks the end of winter and the start of spring.

 Meena had so much fun assisting her mother in the kitchen that she had become a personal chef. When it came to festive dishes, she always went back to the basics. To provide true flavour and taste, these dishes used traditional cooking approaches and ingredients. Til ke ladoo, khoya ladoos, and a variety of other ladoos are quick and easy desserts for busy chefs. For dessert and snack choices, peanut chikkis and coconut barfis can be prepared soft or firm. Moong dhal khichidis, Pongal, Curd rice, tamarind rice, and lemon rice are all delicious selections for a meal. On this auspicious day, sweet delicacies such as Polis, Payasam, Kheer, and Basunthi are offered as dessert. To prepare the feast for the Sun God, mostly seasonal vegetables and fruits are used.

 Meera made her famous coconut chikki, Sweet Pongal and Tamarind rice for Sankranti. Enjoy making authentic Sankranti recipes with ingredients from our website. All our ingredients are sourced from authentic Indian brands and are of high quality.

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