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Threads of the South, the Elegant Pattu Pavadai

Threads of the South, the Elegant Pattu Pavadai

Hasini was a huge fan of getting dressed up. She would try on her mother's sarees and Jhumkis for hours on end. Her favorite outfit was the Pattu Pavadai. She had a lot of fun spinning around in the pleated umbrella skirt.

Hasini accessorized her red and green Pattu Pavadai set with a gold necklace and Jhumkis, her favorite. Her mother would deck her hair with jasmine flowers. The Pattu Pavadai is a traditional dress of South India.

The Pavadai, also known as the Langa, is a long, cone-shaped skirt that is pleated and knotted around the waist and drapes down from the waist to the toes. It is usually made of silk and is pleated and tied around the waist. At the bottom, it generally features a contrast border. A top or Choli is a blouse shell garment that is tailored to suit the body and has a stylized neckline and short sleeves. Nowadays, different necklines and sleeves are utilized depending on the fashion.

Girls in south India typically wear Pattu Pavadai Sattai or Langa Davani during their first naming ceremony, known as Namakaran, and their first rice-feeding ritual, known as Annaprashana, traditional cultural activities, coming-of-age ceremonies, holidays, and other important occasions.

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