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Together let us Preserve and Protect the Earth: World Environment Day

Diya remembers a time when life was unhurried and when she pretended to cook with her friend. Sitting under the hot summer sun, they got out empty coconut shells, mud, sticks and leaves and cooked little pretend meals for each other. Today, Diya is far away from home in a city surrounded by buildings. Once in a while she is transported back to those unhindered days spent in nature.

The World Environment Day is organised by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) to protect the environment. People across the world rely on the environment for food, water, health, medicines, clothes, energy, and shelter. World Environment Day is a day to reflect on our impact on our planet earth and heed warnings and act seriously upon them. Today more than ever, we are seeing around us biodiversity loss, environmental degradation and climate change which is more than what we have seen before hand. These are facts that we cannot turn a blind eye to any longer.

The same way children like Diya enjoyed their childhoods in the past, unhindered by modern life, we ought to aspire the same for future generations. Even with the pandemic raging across the world, nature reminds us to take care of ourselves and to retreat to nature to rejuvenate. Let us all proactively play a part to preserve our environment instead of being mere consumers.

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