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Traditional Indian rice varieties and its nutritional benefits

Traditional Indian rice varieties and its nutritional benefits

1- Thanga samba rice

  Thanga samba Rice is a beautiful long grain rice. It is Queen of all traditional rice. It can be used in preparing rice-based dishes like fried rice, pulao, biriyani, jeera rice and ghee rice. As this is a long grain rice, it can be either be used as a whole one or can be broken roughly and cooked. Thanga samba rice from the Tamil 'Thangam' which means gold. The mature grains are golden in hue, hence the name. Though this is a white rice, it is low glycaemic, increases stamina and has anti-ageing properties.

This rice grows up to a height of about 140 cm. Cultivation Period - 160 days to 165 days.

2- Thuyamalli Rice

 Thuyamalli is a native, indigenous rice variety - malli is in jasmine in Tamil - the variety is named so because the rice panicle (Kadhir) blooms whitish whereas the rice varieties are goldish, also the grains are as white as the jasmine flower. With thousands of indigenous rice varieties with unique shape, taste, colour, fragrance, macro and micronutrient composition and feature. Thooyamalli being one among them, is a unique self-sustaining paddy. Minimal processing to conserve the nutrients present in the rice and upscalling these traditional varieties through inter cropping and sustainable Agri brings wholesome and healthy living. This rice is known for its vitamin B complex, especially B12. Vit B12 is known to strengthen nerves in the body and give an instant energy. It is also considered as good carbs that the body burns easily, owing to its property of being easy to digest.

3- Kaatuyanam Rice

  The native rice, a forgotten variety of rice of Tamilnadu is getting back its life. Since the Glycaemic index is very low, can be used by Diabetics. A grain with the strength of the elephant is this rice. Organic Kaatuyanam Rice (traditional rice from Tamilnadu with great health benefits) Traditional Kattuyanam Rice, this is one of the varieties of rice cultivated in south India especially in Tamil Nadu. Kattuyanam is one among the traditional varieties. This traditional rice variety help peoples to control diabetics, due to its low glycaemic index. Parboiled red rice keeps longer, gives better recovery rate during paddy milling, retains more nutrition, is firmer, less sticky and more digestible but takes longer to cook.

4-Karunguruvai rice

        Karunguruvai rice is grown in a particular season, which is kuruvai. It is sown during June-July. A delight of siddha practitioners, it has the most medicinal properties of all rice varieties. Karun Kuruvai Rice which is highly valued by the Siddha physicians has a high content of protein, fat and phosphorous. Suggested for Arthritis. Improve fertility for men. Consuming this rice regularly will keep the body healthy and active. This rice is used to boost the immune system and dissolve excess fats in the body. Karun Kuruvai rice is high in protein and starch. It contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer cells from growing. Karunguruvai handbound red rice also good for all skin related diseases. Karunkuruvai Cultivation Methods. Harvested in 120-125 days, this rice is cultivated in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

5-Mappillai samba Rice

     Mappillai samba is one such native rice which has got a high nutritional value that will help him to stay focused while lifting the rock as well as gives him the power to lift. Hence, this red thick rice got its name as 'Mappillai samba' and was offer cooked and served to newlywed bridegrooms. The vitamin B1 present in the rice aids in healing stomach and mouth ulcers. Improves immunity and stamina, Strengthens muscles and nerves. Makes the blood flow faster so that our body gets instant energy. It can be cooked as rice, or made as Idli, Dosa, upma, pongal etc. This rice comes from Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nādu.

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