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Use code: JUNE5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
Wheat flour is the perfect companion for both your experimental and classic recipes

Wheat flour is the perfect companion for both your experimental and classic recipes

Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour, known as Atta in India, is prepared by processing the wheat grain's endosperm, bran, and germ, giving it a light brown color and coarse texture. Asians make simple whole wheat flour bread, rotis, chapatis, pooris, and more.

Bakers worldwide utilize this whole wheat flour. Due to its unique milling method, Indian wheat flour is thought to taste better than other wheat flour.

Wheat Flour and its Benefits

Wheat provides carbs and fiber. They fuel and control weight. Let's examine wheat flour's many health benefits.

  1. Protects Skin and Hair

 Wheat flour includes selenium, an antioxidant that fights infections. It prevents dandruff and dryness. Zinc and vitamin E in whole wheat grains nourish and protect hair. It tightens and anti-ages skin.

  1. Whole wheat grain dietary fiber aids digestion.

It aids digestion and eliminates pollutants. Whole wheat grain's antimicrobial properties aid digestive tracts and interstitial health. Good digestion enhances overall health. It improves hair and skin.

  1. Prevents Weight Gain

Dietary fiber-rich foods may aid weight loss and reduce obesity risk, according to research. Whole wheat grain may also reduce harmful fat and distribute it in the body. It was also indicated that eating three whole wheat grain meals daily will lower BMI.

  1. Rich in Nutrients and Fiber

 Whole wheat flour contains vitamins, fiber, magnesium, zinc, and proteins. Whole wheat is abundant in zinc and Vitamin B. It's also rich in iron, magnesium, and manganese. Whole wheat contains antioxidants.

  1. Cleanses the System

Whole wheat atta is the finest detox diet since it cleans the blood and kills bacteria. Whole wheat grains relieve headaches, joint pain, and bloating.

The fiber in atta detoxifies the body and supports a healthy colon and gut, relieving constipation.

  1. Reduces Chronic Inflammation

 Research reveals that whole wheat eaters have lower rates of inflammation. Inflammation causes numerous chronic disorders. Wheat flour helps lessen inflammation. Whole-wheat products lower inflammation and chronic disease risk.

  1. Increases Mental Health

 Vitamins B and E in whole wheat provide energy and sustain DNA health. Vitamin B contains 8 classes. Vitamin B complex is the most well-known yet water-soluble; therefore, our body cannot retain it. Vitamin B complex helps brain inflammation and subclinical mental disease. Vitamin E protects memory.

  1. Lowers Heart Disease Risk

 Whole grains' most significant health benefit is lowering heart disease risk. According to research, three meals (28 grams) of whole grains a day are heart-healthy. According to research, whole grains are better for the heart than processed grains.


Because of its high nutrient content (including fiber, vitamins, and minerals), whole wheat flour has many positive health effects. Order the best wheat flour online from – For Singapore people only—delivery in 48 hours.

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