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1.What is special about

All the products on is authentically sourced from its respective Indian states. On FromIndia you will find a wide range of organic and natural products.In order to make your shopping experience easier, we have provided super combo products for families of different sizes. You can save more since all the products available on From India are in Indian price.

2.How can offer products at such a competitive price?

We are able to give you products at highly competitive pricesbecause we source the products directly from the manufacturers and ship it directly to you. We don’t generally stock our products because we believe in not only providing authentic products, but also products that are absolutely fresh.

3.Are all the products on authentically Indian?

Yes, all the products on are authentically Indian. The organic products will have certification as well.

4.Are the products really being shipped from India?

Yes, in order to retain the authenticity and quality of products, we ship all your orders directly from India.

5.How can you guarantee the freshness of Groceries?

All groceries are packed as soon as we receive your order. We see to it that the most recently produced grocery items are packed in your order so that you receive the items fresh.

5.What do I do if I can’t find what I need on FromIndia?

If the product you want is not listed, proceed to‘NEED ANYTHING FROM INDIA’ section at the bottom of the page.Fill the product request form and we will get you your desired product.

6.What are Super Combo Packs?

Super combos are the budget friendly packs for your family. We have pre-selected a list of monthly essentials and groceries based on the size of your family. We have packs for a couple, a couple and a child, a couple and a senior citizen or a couple and two children. Super Combo packs are customisable and will enable you to buy all your requirements at a single click and at the same time save time and money.

7.How can I edit/change the items in the Super combo packs?

After you choose your Super Combo Pack to the cart, Using View and Edit cart option, you can edit or remove specificproducts. If you want to add a new product, click continue shopping, browse and add the products to the cart and place the order.

8.Can I save item lists in my account?

Yes, you can save the preferred item in the‘My account’ section just by clicking on the ‘add to wish list’ option below the item. You can view the products in ‘my wish list’section in ‘my account’.

9.What is the minimum order value on FromIndia?

There is no minimum value for your orders and for purchases above S$30, provides free shipping as well.

10.Is it possible to exchange the products?

Yes, you can exchange the products under certain conditions. Exchange is accepted if the product is damaged, broken, expired or if you have received different brand. Please note that used products and Inner wears will not be taken back.

11.What do I do if an item is missing from my order?

We take great care in packing your products as per your order. The chance of missing items is highly unlikely. But if any item is found missing, then we will reduce the cost of the item from your order.

12.Can I order through WhatsApp?

Yes, you can order through WhatsApp. You can send the list of items you require along with the size and quantity to 73395 56555. We will review your order and send you anorder form with the list of items you requested and its cost. Upon completion of payment, we shall process the order.

13.How do I connect with customer care?

You can connect through WhatsApp on 73395 56555or sendan email to

14.What are the payment methods available?

We accept credit and debit cards (VISA / MasterCard).

15.How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order before 48 hours of shipping. You can contact our customer support for your order cancellation. You cannot cancel the order once it is shipped.

16.How long will it take for my products to arrive after I order?

We take great care in carefully selecting and packaging your order and delivering it to your doorstep. Most orders will be delivered within 20 – 25 days. If you are experiencing any delays, please contact us on Phone73395 56555 or email us at We will confirm the status of your order.