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Use code: MAY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
Exotic and Divine collection of God

Exotic and Divine collection of God

Religious Idols are divine and also a collection of many God idols, which are most commonly there in many Indian homes. Religious Idols are more vibrant, colorful and also carved with so much positivity and designed with elegance. We consider the Idol as God and do all the prayers to the Idols daily and also on special occasions.

What is an Idol

Idol is a statue which people worship as God. It is human made which is worshiped with deity and spirit.

It is a symbol and a form with which mind can be connected and concentrated.

How Idols are used by different Religions

In ancient tradition, Greek, Roman, Hindu and in other traditions, religious Idols undergo a daily routine. In which the priest will wash, dress and also keep the first good left for the Idol.

Indian Religions

Every temple in the Indian Hindu Religions, Idols are kept inside a room named as "Garbhagraha". It is a sacred place and priests alone are allowed inside to perform daily rituals to God. And the worshippers can see the rituals from outside of the Garbhagraha.

They also have a small idol of the main god of the temple and the idol is named as "murty". Since the main god from Grabhagraha cannot be taken out for special rituals on festival days. This murty will be taken outside for performing special pooja on festival days. Sometimes in a chariot or in pallaku, murty will be taken near the streets of the temple.


Ancient times Buddha idol / cult was not there, and Buddha was represented by symbols. Later on the large statue of Buddha was made familiar. And nowadays the Laughing Buddha plays an important role which is mainly kept for peace and prosperity.

How Religious Idols are made

Idols are made based upon the place it is going to be located. Either made in clay / with panchaloha. Panchaloha is an alloy of gold, silver, zinc, iron and copper.

Either clay / panchaloha is poured in to the mould and idol is made from it. 

Importance of Idol worship

Idol worship is one form of expressing faith, love and devotion to God. A person stands before an idol like a child and bow down in front of an Idol, which is the greatest form of worship.

Hindus worship God in various forms. So based on their faith Hinduism has many Religious Idols that are worshipped.


Religious Idols are a superior form of divine worship. And it is the easiest way to install faith and devotion in humans towards God.

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