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Use code: JULY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
It’s the season to sparkle, and magic is in the air.

It’s the season to sparkle, and magic is in the air.

The Origin of Christmas
The Christian holiday of Christmas is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christian’s regard as God's divinely conceived son. The celebration of the "Mass of Christ" is where the holiday of Christmas gets its name (or Jesus). During a ritual known as "Mass," sometimes known as "Communion" or "Eucharist" in some circles, Christians recall that Jesus was crucified and then raised to life again after his death.

It was the only ceremony that was permitted to take place after sunset (and before sunrise on the next day), thus people chose to hold it at midnight. This service was known as "Christ Mass." Therefore, the celebration is called Christ-Mass, which was later abbreviated to Christmas.

The day on which Mary was told that she would have a particularly special baby named Jesus (known as the Annunciation) was said to have been on March 25th, according to a very early Christian tradition, and this day is still observed today as the 25th of March. The 25th of December comes exactly nine months after the 25th of March.

They believed that Jesus had been conceived and had died on the same day of the year, which was March 25th. That was also the day that some early Christians thought the world had been created, and it was also the day that Jesus died when he was an adult. Because of its proximity to the spring equinox in March (when the day and night are of equal length in March), the date was selected.

 Celebration in Singapore

Singaporeans celebrate Christmas by eating and shopping. Orchard Road is magnificently lit up every December to boost the holiday spirit and remind shoppers to hit the malls. Christmas spreads and Yuletide menus appear at eateries across the island, enhancing the dining scene.

Not everything is indulgent.
Christians in Singapore attend Christmas services to commemorate Jesus Christ's birth. Regardless of religious beliefs, everyone gets to enjoy artificial snow, men in Santa suits, and Christmas presents.

Some of Uniqueness in Singapore
Singaporean Christmas dinner
Singapore's melting pot of cultures and religions means Christmas has Asian touches. Family gatherings and feasts are common, and traditional dishes like turkey are flavoured with ginger and chilli.

Wonderful Christmas on the Street
Every Christmas, Orchard Road transforms into a beautiful winter wonderland of stars and festive decorations. Orchard Road's Yuletide-themed lights and decorations offer plenty of photo ops. 2022's itinerary includes musical music, arts and crafts workshops, and family-friendly attractions.

Christmas Wonderland
Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay is a lights, sound, and spectacle extravaganza.
This month-long celebration comprises attractions, carnival activities, and magnificent light displays in different zones. St. Nick's Square's Spalliera sculpture, Gingerbread Grove's Whimsical Windmill, and Mistletoe Alley's Christmas products and crafts are highlights of 2022's edition.

Marina Bay Countdown
Thousands will join for music, live entertainment, and Asia's best fireworks extravaganza.
This year's celebration features fireworks, carnival rides, circus performers, live music performances, and Share the Moment, a light projection show on Civic District landmarks.

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