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Use code: MAY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
Real Fruit, Real taste indeed

Real Fruit, Real taste indeed

Nothing beats summer mangoes. Indians have always enjoyed and needed it. India is recognized for its exotic mango hotspots, which offer delicious flavors and aromas. Mango fans love to try new types of the king of fruits.

Indian Mangoes include :

  1. Alphonso Mangoes - Ratnagiri, Maharashtra's

Alphonso mangoes are known for their bright yellow color and delicious flavor. This luscious mango, named after Afonso de Albuquerque, is one of the most popular in India. Ratnagiri and its surrounding areas in Maharashtra are famous for their Alphonso mangoes.

  1. Kesar Mangoes - Junagadh, Gujarat

Kesar mangoes are saffron-colored and delicious. This sweet cultivar is called the "Queen of Mangoes." Girnar Hills in Junagadh, Gujarat, grow Kesar mangoes. These hills, 320 miles from Ahmedabad, are accessible by road and train. Kesar mangoes are in season from May to July.

  1. Dasheri Mangoes - Lucknow and Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh

Nawabs are known for their royal mangoes. Lucknow and its surrounding towns are in North India's mango belt. Dashehari mangoes, grown here from mid-May to late August, have green peeling and a nutritious flavor.

  1. Himsagar and Kishan Bhog Mangoes - West Bengal.

Murshidabad, a Nawabi city in West Bengal, is known for its mangoes. This city, 230 kilometers from Kolkata, is accessible by road and rail. Murshidabad is noted for Kishan Bhog, Himsagar, Nawabpasand, and Begumpasand. May through June is Himsagar mango season.

  1. Chausa Mangoes - Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Hardoi and its surrounding areas in Uttar Pradesh are mango hotspots. Hardoi is 112 kilometers from Lucknow and accessible by road. These "sucking" mangoes are famed for their yellowish color and aroma in July and August.

  1. Malgoa Mangoes - Salem, Tamil Nadu

Malgoa mangoes are spherical with thick skin. Malgoa mangoes are vast and rich in pulp and juice. They're grown in Tamil Nadu, especially Salem, around July and August. It's one of the world's best mangoes.

  1. Imam Pasand - Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu

Imam Pasand, grown in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, is renowned as the "King of Mangoes" for its peculiar taste. Imam Pasand has delicate skin, a distinct aftertaste, and a fantastic flavor.

  1. Rumani Mangoes – Chennai, Tamilnadu

Rumani mangoes are famous in Tamil Nadu and parts of Chennai. They have greenish-yellow skin and a sweet, juicy flavor. This fruit is rich in carotenoids, a precursor to vitamins A and E, and is healthy. Rumani mangoes are made into smoothies, jellies, ice creams, jams, and yogurts.

  1. Amrapali Mangoes, Most of the places of India

1971's Amrapali mangoes are hybrids. Amrapali, a hybrid between Dasheri and Neelam mangoes, is grown in fields and orchards across India. It's recognized for its rich red flesh but has a limited shelf life compared to other commercial varieties.

  1. Lakshmanbhog Mangoes - Malda, West Bengal

Lakshmanbhog mangoes are grown exclusively in Malda, West Bengal, around June and July. West Bengal picked these mangoes for export to the U.S. because of their golden skin and sweetness.

  1. Senthuram Mangoes - Salem, Tamilnadu

Sendura mango is called honey mango for its taste and texture. Fruit pulp dissolves in the mouth. Senthoora's name comes from the reddish sindhura flower, common in Tamil Nadu. Small, spherical mangoes weighing 100 to 200 g can be eaten without slicing.


Some Indian mango varieties India's national fruit is mango. India's tropical climate is ideal for mango farming. New types are constantly being found and created. The National Horticulture Board says the subcontinent has 1500 mango types. Explore India to see these lush mango varietals and more.

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