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Use code: APR5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55

Everest Jaljira Masala - 100 g

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To prepare jaljira masala, the spices are dry-roasted individually to enhance their flavors. After roasting, the spices are allowed to cool before grinding into a fine powder. The powdered spices are then mixed together in the appropriate proportions to create the jaljira masala blend. The masala can be stored in an airtight container for future use. Jaljira masala is primarily used to prepare jaljira, a popular Indian beverage consumed during hot weather or as a digestive aid after meals. To make jaljira, the masala is mixed with water, along with lemon juice, sugar or jaggery, and optionally, fresh mint leaves. Jaljira is believed to have digestive properties and is often consumed after meals to aid digestion. The spices used in jaljira masala, such as cumin seeds and ginger, are known for their digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.
Weight : 100g